The Powerball draw is scheduled to air Wednesday, January 20 at 9:00 p.m. CT on NBC Sports Network. Last year, there were four Powerball matches played across the country and half of those ended in a tie. Those are a lot of players. It is almost like they all have the same vision of winning and that is great.


The Powerball series has been around for fifteen years now and there is one major difference in the Powerball drawing now compared to when it started fifteen years ago. There was only a single power play per game. Those are gone now with eighteen games in a row. That is more than double the number of games in a season in the old days. The Powerball prize pool now is worth much with each winning player potentially earning up to forty million dollars.

Each winner gets the same amount of money regardless of who they play with or what kind of team they put together. You could put together a crew of your best Powerball players and win a Powerball lottery. What if, you had a different power play option this time around? What if you played the Powerball lottery and won twenty thousand, two hundred and forty-five dollars and then doubled your winnings by playing the Powerball Jackpot twice? How much more would you get?

If you are playing powerball and you win a Powerball then you become the next week’s winner. If you win two more times you will be playing the Mega Millions. That would make you the third millionaire this week. If you win the Mega Millions then you would be the first three millionaire in history and you would be playing powerball on Monday night.

Now, let’s say that you want to double your winnings from last week when you played the Powerball and you went and purchased an additional Mississippi State Lottery ticket. So now you have four tickets and you are thinking that maybe you should go ahead and play those Powerball tickets now. And you forgot to buy a Powerball ticket for yourself.

Well, wait a minute, you know that you are a Powerball winner right? So why would you want to purchase an additional one million dollar lottery ticket when you already won the first million? Now obviously if you purchased the Powerball ticket with the intent to win more Powerball tickets then you would not be thinking of purchasing another one million dollar lottery ticket. But what if you won the Powerball Jackpot twice, would you feel like it was worth it to purchase the additional tickets anyway?

The honest answer is no. If you purchased one million dollar tickets in the Powerball game then you would not feel it was worth it to purchase the additional ones either. That is why it is always recommended that you purchase a Powerball ticket at a retail bookie or on the internet and not through an online casino. Why? Because in most cases the jackpot prize from a Powerball game is only half of what the retail price would be at so many retail bookies would rather sell you the extra ticket for less money than you would pay to purchase it from an online casino.

So, when playing Powerball you do not want to purchase more tickets than you need. You want to purchase the minimum amount needed for playing. This is the law in the Powerball world. There are other ways to win Powerball but the chances of winning the jackpot more than twice with those methods are slim to none. So, when you are trying to decide how many tickets to purchase to break even and reach that elusive 2x power play then purchase the minimum and play to your heart’s content.