A Sioux Falls woman says she will cease reminding her spouse to wear his prescription glasses ever again after they won a $150,000 Powerball jackpot last month. Bridget Broussard, of Sioux Falls, won the Powerball lottery on January 15th. Just days later, she learned that she had won more than double the amount she had put into the contest. Now, instead of worrying about how her check is going to get to her kids, she’s concentrating on enjoying the winnings. She even has a plan to remodel her home and get a bigger budget for making improvements.


The reason why she decided to stop wearing her prescription glasses was that she felt bad that she’d have to sell them in order to pay for her Powerball winners. Now, her mission is to make good use of her newfound wealth. Bridget Broussard is not the only Iowa lottery winner who stopped buying Powerball tickets because they were drawing too much money from the prizes. The state of Iowa has been known to have some of the most lopsided jackpot wins in the country.

There are different Powerball lotto games being played in various states of the great lakes area. Each draws different numbers, but the Powerball winners are set in stone at the end of each draw. With multi-state draws and Powerball winners being determined by a variety of criteria, it can be hard to keep track of all the draws. For those who are drawn frequently, there is an easier way for them to find out what they just won in Iowa.

The official Powerball website offers an easy, free way for those in Iowa to get the ball rolling. By registering for the Powerball game, those who participate will have access to a Powerball playing kit that contains everything they need to find out who their winning numbers are. They can then enter these numbers in the daily Powerball drawings. If a person is picked as a winner, then that person will receive the Powerball prize, however, if no winner is selected, then no payment will be received. This is a simple, free way for those in Iowa to play Powerball and win prizes.

Other Powerball winners have achieved Mega Millions as well. Bill Powers was able to buy more Powerball tickets than anyone else in history. More people were able to purchase tickets for this drawing than ever before. Of course, not everyone will become a Powerball millionaire but those who do go on to become very rich.

If you would like to become a Powerball winner, there are many things that you can do to increase your chances. To get the ball rolling, you need to purchase lottery tickets. You can purchase lottery tickets from your local lottery store or online. The choices are endless, because there are lots of ways to buy Powerball tickets. You can also pick 3 numbers and win Powerball prizes, or pick 4 numbers and win other prizes.

Those who have won Powerball prizes in the past and are still living in Iowa may claim their winnings without a problem. However, those who are deceased cannot claim Powerball prizes because they no longer have access to the lottery. It is unfortunate, but it is a fact of life.

If you want to take part in Powerball, but are from Iowa, you should learn more about the lottery games. Not only is Powerball fun, it is also a great way to win big compared to other lotto games. Those who have purchased Powerball tickets and won big have made a difference in the world and have given back to the community by helping to fund projects and charity events. If you want to be involved with something that has a larger impact than just winning Powerball drawings, Powerball is definitely a choice you should look into.